Sep 2021 | Acquisition

Shareholders greenlight increasing ownership in Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok and Capella Bangkok

Shareholders approved the additional acquisition of 49% of the investment in the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok and Capella Bangkok, and the name change from Padaeng Industry Public Company Limited to “Bound and Beyond Public Company Limited” with a new trading symbol of “BEYOND”.

Feb 2021 | Acquisition

Shareholders approved acquisitions of two world-class hotels

Shareholders approve the acquisition of a 51% stake in two world-class hospitality assets on the Chao Phraya River: “Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok” and “Capella Bangkok,” worth a combined THB 2.8 billion. Mr Tommy Taechaubol, Managing Director of Bound and Beyond, announced the plan to move ahead with the shift into the hospitality sector in a bold move designed to generate and realise revenue immediately on behalf of shareholders.